Friday, December 21, 2012

Benny and the Mushroom cow

This just happened:

Me: What do you want Benny? I am working.
Benny: I made a cow that is red with mushrooms all over his back.
Me: No you didn't.
Benny: Oh yes I did and I do kind of smell like poop right?
Me: Um, I do smell poop what the hell?
Benny: Anyway that is not important. I just wish I was upside down.
Me: Ok

Me, thinking I am a fun dad, oblige.

Benny: Not bad. The cow does it better. You kind of suck at everything you know?
Me: You smell like shit.
Benny: That is because I farted, and I tricked you into holding me upside down so my butthole could be closer to your face.

That little bitch.