Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Car Game

We played the stupid story game in my car, where I start, then Ryan takes over, then Benny takes over. It didn't end well.

~~"Once upon a time there was an evil foot that smelled like a butt. And it would go around and wipe it's toe funk on people when they weren't looking to make everyone around them think they smelled like footbutt. But one day..."~~

Ryan "But one day the foot was lonely because there was only one foot and feet are supposed to come in pairs. So he went to his house and took a bath and smelled great. Then he went to Olive Garden to get food because he was hungry and to meet a friend. When he got there..."
Benny "This story is stupid."
Ryan "Don't blow it Benny just finish the story"
Benny (irritated) "No this is a retarded story. Let's blow up school buses" (another game we play sometimes, that is a different story).
Ryan "OK but first let's finish the story"
Benny "Fine. Then the foot exploded and this dumb game is over"
Ryan "Fine Benny then I am not playing the school bus game"
Benny "I don't care you never win anyway. And today you can win a diamond sword with acid in it"
Ryan "Oh yeah? I already have the Diamond sword with acid in it"
Benny (Laughs like crazy)

~~"Whats so funny Ben?"~~

Benny "Ryan said his sword had an ass on it"
Ryan (screaming) "I SAID ACID NOT ASS"
Benny is in tears laughing "You said ass again"

~~"Both of you stop saying Ass"~~

Benny "I won't say Ass."

~~"Don't push it Benny"~~

Benny "Can I say butt?"

~~"Nothing that has to do with Butts."~~

Ryan "I can't believe you say bad words Benny"
Benny (mocking Ryan) "I can't believe you say bad words Benny"
Ryan "Stop copying me"
Benny "Stop copying me"
Ryan "My name is Benny and I am sooo retarded and stupid and ugly and stupid"
Benny "I am not saying that"
Ryan "Aaahaaa I got you to stop"
Benny (whispers real low) "When you take a bath, I am going to sneak in and pee in the water behind you so you have pee bath and pee on the soap too"


~~"I pee in your bathwater all the time Ryan"~~

Ryan "fine then, Benny, when you sleep I am just going to pee on you."
Benny "Good because I love pee"

~~"Me too"~~

Benny "footbutt"

~~"I said don't say butt Benny"~~

Benny "No, you said don't say ass".

I made them be quiet the rest of the way home.

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